<h2>Predictably Sell More To <br/>Your Existing Customers</h2>

Boost Sales Through Smart Customer Engagement

Last Updated January 26, 2017
Predictably sell more to existing customers by segmenting sales promotions to targeted customers based on their previous transactions with your store.

Smart Messaging

Our Smart Messaging solution exploits the concept of micro-targeting to help maximize the effectiveness of your sales promotions. The goal is to increase your chances of driving your existing customers back to your store.

Use Smart Messages to target sales promotions and messages at specific segments of your loyal customer base. For example, target only customers who bought a particular product during the last 3 months… or only customers who spent above the per order average in a given month.

Smart Messages are contextual and are initiated directly from the insights being analyzed.

Allow your customers to opt-out of receiving promotional messages.

Optionally schedule a Smart Message to be delivered via each customer’s own preferred message channel (eMail, SMS, Voice, or Social Media)

Schedule a Smart Message to be delivered immediately or at a future date and time.

Schedule Smart Messages with different delivery frequencies (once, daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly) – and to only include customers that meet the enrollment criteria at the time the message is scheduled to be delivered.

Track message enrollment and delivery statistics and download delivery lists to Microsoft Excel

Promo Management

Setup special sales promos and associate them with qualified products or product categories.

Assign start and end dates to Promos. For example, Promos may be setup to run only during the Christmas holiday season.

Assign a product to one or more sales Promos running at the same time.

Promo discounts are calculated and applied automatically during customer order check-out.

Additional discounts may be manually applied for a product during check-out.