What is a Parked Order?

Parked Orders are Customer Orders that are in progress but have not yet been paid for. The ability to Park an Order allows the user to deal with situations where a customer forgets something they needed while at the check-out counter and their Order is being processed then decides to go get it. In this case the Order can be Parked – so the next customer can be serviced – and once that customer returns from picking up the item they forgot, the Parked Order can be retrieved and continued from where it was left off.

This feature is also useful in a restaurant setting, where diners order their meals but do not pay until they are done eating. In this case as well, the user will take the diner’s meal order, Park the Order, then retrieve the Order later to process payments once the diner is done with their meal. Note that the Parked Order may be retrieved, updated and re-Parked as many times as required during the course of the diner’s time at the restaurant.

Parked Orders between any two dates can be retrieved using the new Retrieve Parked Order button on the Order form.