What do I get for procuring Professional Services Hours from Hekimax?

The Hekimax Professional Services team provides expertise to help you in the following areas:

  • Assess your business needs and guide your management team in deciding the best Loyalty Scheme to implement.
  • Assist your management team in performing the critical analysis (based on the customer insights) to support the management decision making process. For example, we can help your management team decide which promos and engagement areas to focus on in any particular month to drive additional sales and meet revenue targets.
  • Establish the relevant customer and product category lists.
  • Consolidate, scrub, and bulk import your existing product, customer and order lists into the Hekimax system.
  • Smart Message campaign management.

Professional Services Hours can be procured as an Add-on from the Account Summary page under the Settings menu in the Hekimax system. You will need to have admin access rights to procure Add-on Professional Services hours. The amount procured will be added to your invoice and billed on your next billing date. Please contact sales@hekimax.com if you need any help in procuring Professional Services Add-ons.