I’m interested in the Customer Loyalty Management capabilities provided by the Hekimax system but already have a POS software I’m happy with. What are my options?

We offer a comprehensive set of APIs (Application Programming Interface) with the Hekimax solution. Hekimax (or your selected IT system integrators) can integrate your POS software with the Hekimax Customer Loyalty Management solution.

The objective for the system integration is simple. It will enable you will be able to issue Loyalty Points or Discounts to your loyalty customers – directly from your preferred POS software – whenever they buy from your store. If you opt to use the Points Loyalty Scheme, you will also be able to allow those customers who have accumulated enough Points to redeem those Points for their purchases.

Please contact sales@hekimax.com to enquire about how we can help you take advantage of our Customer Loyalty Management solution to drive repeat sales.