I want to use the Hekimax POS software in the cloud but worried about the potential high cost of connecting my POS stations to the internet all day. What alternatives do I have?

No problem. Hekimax offers an hybrid (off-line/on-line) POS hardware appliance that you can deploy and use locally in your stores. The appliance is an all-in-one computer with an optional Inverter (backup power supply), POS Scanner, Thermal Printer and Cash Drawer.

When provided with internet connection, the POS data captured in off-line mode (using the appliance) can be uploaded and synced periodically with the Hekimax cloud system. This provides the store managers and owners ready access to all sales data as well as the customer insights in the cloud – without resulting in excessive internet connectivity costs.

Please contact sales@hekimax.com to enquire about how to lease the off-line POS appliance for a low monthly price.