How do I set up my company’s preferred Loyalty Scheme?

A key objective in establishing a Customer Loyalty Program would be to incentivise your customers to choose your store over your competitors – when they are in need of merchandise offered by your store. The type of Loyalty Scheme, be it Points or Discounts, that your company decides to implement will depend strongly on what the customers in your locality perceive as a stronger motivator, and what your company can afford to part with in terms of cost per order.

Once decided, you can select your preferred Loyalty Scheme from the “Settings” menu in the Hekimax system (under “General Options/System Configuration”). The Loyalty page (accessible from the “Loyalty” menu) can then be used to configure the Loyalty Card Types – by specifying the Loyalty Points conversion or Discount rates for each card type you decide to offer.

Note that your customers do not need to be provided with physical loyalty cards in order for them to sign-up and start enjoying their rewards. All they need is a phone number. Of course if your company prefers, physical loyalty cards may also be issued and used (which can help with your branding efforts).

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