How do I send a Promo Smart Message to all female customers who have not bought anything in my store during the current month?

This is a key example of how your store may leverage the customer insights derived from your Customer Order transactions to target promotional messages at a specific customer segment. To achieve this specific goal of targeting female customers who have not bought anything in any of your stores in the current month, click the Dormant Customer bar in the “Monthly Loyalty Member Activity Trend” chart for the current month. This will display a page containing a breakdown of the types of customers that have not bought anything in your store during the month. Click on the Smart Message icon at the top of the Dormant Members by Gender chart and schedule a Smart Message to be delivered to the female members.

Review the “Snap Insights & Smart Messaging Overview” video from the application help page for additional details or contact to find out more about how Hekimax can assist you in analysing your customer and other relevant insights to support your targeted promotions and smart engagements.