How do I generate Customer Insights and take advantage of the Hekimax Smart Messaging feature if I don’t use the Hekimax POS software?

The Hekimax system uses data associated with your Customer Orders to derive the insights you need to drive additional sales. If you are prefer not to use the integrated Hekimax POS software for capturing your Customer Orders, you can simply bulk import your Customer Order data into the Hekimax system – at the end of each day for example.

Simply click on this link to download the Customer Order import file template (in Microsoft Excel format). Populate the file with your existing Customer Orders list (ensure you provide values for the required columns highlighted in yellow). Once you have all your Customer Orders for the period of interest in the file, save it as a CSV file and use the Import button at the top-right corner of the Orders page to upload the file.

Review the Getting Started video from the application help page for additional details or contact to find out more about how Hekimax can assist you in getting your Customer Orders loaded to the system.