<h2>Establish a Customer Loyalty<br/> Program For Your Business<br/> To Drive Repeat Sales</h2>

Build Customer Loyalty

Last Updated January 26, 2017

Drive customer loyalty through your own Customer Loyalty Program to drive repeat sales to customers.

It’s Simple! Launch Your Own Customer Loyalty Program

Select your preferred Loyalty Scheme.

  • Loyalty Point Scheme: Allow your registered customers to earn loyalty points whenever they shop at your store… and to redeem their accumulated loyalty points to pay for orders.
  • Membership Discount Scheme: Provide your registered customers with a pre-established membership discount each time they shop at your store.

Issuing physical Loyalty Cards to your customers is a choice… not a must. The system can handle both. You decide what your store is willing to offer.

Optionally establish multiple Loyalty Types… each with their own unique benefits.

Available for use with your preferred Point of Sale system.

Customer Management

Register and manage your loyal customers’ contact and other relevant information.

Readily access individual customer dashboards to discern useful insights about how a customer transact with your stores.

Capture and manage customer orders.

Smartly engage your loyal customers based on insights derived from their past transactions with your store – using their preferred language and message channel (eMail, SMS, Voice, or Social Media).

Bulk import and export customer and customer order data.

Manage Customer Requests and Product Returns

Capture and manage customer requests and feedback.

Build trust and loyalty with your loyal customers by offering product return policies.

Improve your customer service and experience based on insights derived from accumulated customer requests and feedback.